Useful Statistics on Age and Technology

Group of Seniors - Useful statistics on how seniors use smartphones, tablets, PCs, social media, internet use and more - Statistics on Age and TechnologyWe are often searching for up-to-date statistics on age and technology for our Best Practices and Blog articles.  These are often time consuming to find – particularly the credible ones.  Below are some sources on:

We find ourselves returning to these sources over and over.  We hope that you find them useful.  Please leave a “comment” at the bottom of this page if you have any statistics on age and technology which you think should be added to this list.

Age Related Demographics

Device Ownership – Statistics on Age and Technology

Smartphone, Tablet and Personal Computer Activities of Seniors

Social Media Use by Elderly People

Internet Use by Elderly People

Privacy and Security of Seniors

Training and Support for Seniors

Home and Healthcare for Elderly People

Workplace and Aging